How to spend a free-day

One girl, many thoughts, no words.

At this current moment in time I am awaiting a short journey to see the most incredible girl I have met so far in my life; my best friend A. Exactly a year ago I made this same journey to her for the first time in five years; in that year she’s returned from paradise at the other side of the world into another paradise – the arms of her first love, she has become engaged to her first love in the most romantic proposal I have ever heard of – more romantic and intimate than most love stories we’re shown by actors of this era, and she has created and mastered a business that is thriving each day, of which she only created 6 months ago. In itself these factors alone are incredible, inspiring and full of human power, however knowing A the way I do, the way only a friendship nurtured and cared for each day over weeks months and years can know, I am more inspired by her than of anyone I have ever known and anyone I anticipate meeting in my future. A has lived at rock bottom. She has struggled to breathe and to speak. She has been pushed down by others more than I had known a year ago. She has been bruised and hurt and lost, and she stands before the world a powerful human with more strength and passion than anyone I see in my life.

A is my spiritual guru, or at least that’s how I view her. We don’t really talk of religion (not as such) – her views differ from mine, but that has never been an issue to either of us. She accepts and embraces my views on the world, through my experiences, and I do hers. We have lived entirely different lives in entirely different worlds and we listen. But I view her as my spiritual guru all the same. No religion attached, she is there to keep me balanced – as I put it. She listens patiently to my struggles and thoughts and stories and when I’m done she talks to me, breaks through my walls and tells me her thoughts. Never judging or belittling are her thoughts. Her words are never words of hate or negativity, she seems to simply show a new light on a situation – whatever the situation.

A few weeks ago I went to her feeling off balanced and inspite of her work schedule she took a day to be with me. Like I had done 7 months ago when she felt similarly off-balanced (again, my word, not hers). Today neither of us are arriving imbalanced – except perhaps for footwear, today we meet to cement our friendship in another form, a simple day of talking and catching up.

It’s the best way I can possibly think to spend my free Saturday. I have never left her company anything but happy.

I hope others choose their friends and their days off in the same way. To spend them happy, however that may be.



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