Is beauty the bell?

Beauty or other..?

While contemplating a future that consists of travel, adventure and complete freedom of creativity it is perhaps noteworthy to state that this will be beginning towards the end of the young ‘prime’. An age of youth and beauty, and at a time when peers are contemplating careers in their chosen – or some ‘fallen into’ – fields. The invisible pressure to settle down and create the roots of a future foundation has never unveiled itself to be something of an issue or desire until, while calculating the amount of years it would take to do one adventure and how many it may be for the second, the age in which it would appear the ‘ready to settle down’ theory would come into play was a larger number than originally thought of. It would seem once all of this ‘me time’ were out of the way the final destination to be thrown into the beginning of reality would be an age that will not be disclosed but will be stressed that it would appear youth and presumably any beauty would have been all used up. These years of beauty, as it were, would therefore have been spent embracing and exploring youth but not necessarily planning or aiding the ideal of how a ‘real’ future should look.

The question of whether or not this is necessarily a bad thing has sprung to mind like an arrogant child screaming a thousand answers into the wind but the alternative question, created purely from outside influence and perspective, of whether or not something will be missing or that something would have been missed in doing this has also appeared from around the corner landing straight at the back of the head. The possibility is that in later years it could be considered these years of presently-unknown adventures had been wasted ones when turning up alone to another friends’ children’s party, or to wedding anniversary milestone dinners. One day envy could appear while viewing their normality the way they currently envy these less-than-conventional plans. Suddenly the fear of missing out demon wants to cling onto its niggling need to be prominent in daily plans. Days in which every detail will be orchestrated peacefully to be fresh and exciting for the amusement of self and self alone. This fear doesn’t want to just stick with the people I would consider to be missing out by not following my lead it seems, they’ve left traces of it with me.

However, in spite of this immediate plans won’t be changed due to these ‘back of the head’ thoughts; Victory number One. Nothing will stand in the way of the first adventure, that much is a given. Although it is a possibility that the second adventure, should these thoughts persist, could be changed or altered, simply cut short in order to leave open the possibility that the fear of missing out on conventional living could become greater than the fear of missing out on true adventure while I’m living.

Baring this in mind one quote remains with the greatest strength right next to the fear of missing out demon like an angel and a devil in each ear; “Your biggest risk will be the one you don’t take.” Perhaps the jump in and see how deep it is technique may be the less wise one here, but if not me then who…



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